I love my job, but I go home EVERY DAY smelling like cigarettes.

This message is in regard to smoking in the workplace: I work at an office/ gasket production facility where there are seven employees, pilule including myself. There are four smokers and three nonsmokers. I don’t smoke. Our company policy calls for smoking to be done outside, seek however this policy is never followed. I love my job, hospital but I go home EVERY DAY smelling like cigarettes. I have developed a chronic cough as a result of the secondhand smoke. My eyes, throat and nose are constantly burning, yet myself and the other nonsmokers are simply expected to grin and bear it. We are literally discriminated against as nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke is no joke and the effects can be deadly. Yes, smokers have every right to smoke, but nonsmokers have a right not to be forced to tolerate this health hazard. As I said, I love my job and I have a right to work in a healthy and safe environment. I don’t think it’s asking too much to step outside the door to smoke, especially considering there are sheltered areas in our case for the smokers to puff away. I have addressed my concerns with management, but am pretty much told to grin and bear it. It’s gotten to the point for me personally that I am considering legal action against my company due to the ill health effects and failure to provide a safe work environment. Smoking in our particular workplace is very detrimental to production. The smokers are always more interested in chain smoking than being productive employees. I feel smoking SHOULD be banned in the workplace. Period.

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