The “Widow Maker”

Although I have many friends who have been affected by secondhand smoke, medical I will always believe my youngest grandson is the one in our family who I witnessed suffering the most. But my story is really how smoking affected my 41-year-old son. He had been smoking for a lot of years, prescription when one morning this past August we got a call from the hospital. They told us that our son was having a heart attack and that we needed to come right away. By the time we arrived he was in surgery having two stents placed. The doctor came out and said the heart attack was what they call the “widow maker” — in other words it was bad. We are praising God for his recovery, but all of this could have been avoided if he had not smoked. He is not smoking now and says he never will again.

NOBODY should have to choose between earning a living for their family and their health

My grandmother died at age 76 in 2008 of lung cancer and she never smoked a day in her life. She was, sildenafil however, prescription a waitress at a small truck stop in the rural city of Alice, Texas for decades. As a single mother raising three small children on her own, she did what she needed to do to survive and keep her family together. I know she would still be alive today if it was not for her lung cancer diagnosis. She was otherwise in great physical condition. It breaks my heart she wasn’t around to be there for my mom during her cancer diagnosis, or able to meet her great grandson born in 2010. We miss her every day and we’re doing what we can to make Texas smoke free in her memory. The bottom line is that NOBODY should have to choose between earning a living for their family and their health.

Allergic reactions to secondhand smoke are common

My son was born with an allergy to cigarette smoke which causes him to have severe bronchospasms when he inhales secondhand smoke. He is now a teenager and cannot enjoy the fun of bowling or eating at nice restaurants because of secondhand smoke. We need to make pass the Texas smoke-free bill so he and others can enjoy going to public places without the fear of having an allergic reaction which results in emergency treatment.

We can’t even go bowling anymore…

My wife and I are senior citizens. We moved from Santa Barbara, thumb CA, prostate four years ago to retire in Texas where my sister lives. As most people know, California is a non-smoking state. We got spoiled there. We are active seniors and have been bowling on a senior league for many years. The bowling alley where we bowl has about 100 people in the league. Many of them smoke. Sometimes the smoke is so bad it looks like a cloud inside. Last winter the secondhand smoke was so bad I got a very bad case of bronchitis brought on by secondhand smoking. I had to go to the doctor two times and it took three weeks to get better. I have asked the owner of the bowling alley why she doesn’t ban smoking and she said that until the other bowling alleys in the area go non-smoking she will lose customers to other smoking alleys. She said when the other bowling alleys go non-smoking, she will too. We have to bring fans and cover our mouths when it is bad. When is Texas going to wake up and realize that breathing secondhand smoke is very bad for you? I read that the smoke that comes out of the end of the cigarette is worse than what people suck down their throats. I resent not being able to enjoy bowling because people are rude and smoke one after another and don’t care if you can hardly breathe. My father-in-law died about two years ago from smoking for 20 years. He had emphysema real bad and coughed so hard he blew out a lung twice from coughing. He had to go to the hospital and have a tube put in to reflate his lung. He suffered for many years and could not even go camping and use his RV. All he could do in the end was sit and cough and barely had enough breath to walk across the room. I have seen firsthand what smoking and secondhand smoking can do. Why should I and my wife have to suffer when we don’t even smoke? Come on Texas wake up!!!! Smoking is worse than a sugary soda and they are trying to ban that. Hope something happens soon to end our misery.

I got COPD because my workplace allowed smoking

I was diagnosed with COPD although I have never smoked. My physician believed it was from secondhand smoke which I was exposed to in the workplace. It is now a significant cost to my employer for treatment for this disease. No one should have to go through this because they need or want to work.

Within seconds I could smell the smoke and had to leave

Coming from the Dallas area to attend college in Denton, healing I have realized how amazing it actually is to have a smoking ban. The city of Denton has not followed a lot of the other cities with the smoking bans as of yet. I don’t really understand this seeing that this is a major college town. I went to eat at a Mexican food place last Saturday and entered the bar area to watch the TV. Within seconds I could smell the smoke and had to leave because of the stench it was creating. This ban needs to happen in Denton and statewide now.

I love my job, but I go home EVERY DAY smelling like cigarettes.

This message is in regard to smoking in the workplace: I work at an office/ gasket production facility where there are seven employees, pilule including myself. There are four smokers and three nonsmokers. I don’t smoke. Our company policy calls for smoking to be done outside, seek however this policy is never followed. I love my job, hospital but I go home EVERY DAY smelling like cigarettes. I have developed a chronic cough as a result of the secondhand smoke. My eyes, throat and nose are constantly burning, yet myself and the other nonsmokers are simply expected to grin and bear it. We are literally discriminated against as nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke is no joke and the effects can be deadly. Yes, smokers have every right to smoke, but nonsmokers have a right not to be forced to tolerate this health hazard. As I said, I love my job and I have a right to work in a healthy and safe environment. I don’t think it’s asking too much to step outside the door to smoke, especially considering there are sheltered areas in our case for the smokers to puff away. I have addressed my concerns with management, but am pretty much told to grin and bear it. It’s gotten to the point for me personally that I am considering legal action against my company due to the ill health effects and failure to provide a safe work environment. Smoking in our particular workplace is very detrimental to production. The smokers are always more interested in chain smoking than being productive employees. I feel smoking SHOULD be banned in the workplace. Period.

It is not an issue of personal freedoms… but an issue of health.

My dear husband is extremely allergic to tobacco smoke. Anytime he is in a situation where people have been smoking, cure he starts having a reaction, ask difficulty breathing, click eye irritation, etc. For the sake of the health of everyone, smoking should be prohibited in all public places, restaurants, hotels, etc. The research is clear even for non-smokers. Secondhand smoke is dangerous to the health of everyone. My father was a smoker when he was young. He gave it up due to emphysema, but it was too late. He suffered with asthma and emphysema the rest of his life. Please make a smoke-free workplace a reality in Texas. It is not an issue of personal freedoms but an issue of health.

My mom’s appearance has changed since she started smoking

About eight years ago, buy viagra my mom started smoking. I didn’t think much of it at first, try but because she smoked inside, sick people at school complained that our clothes smelled. I had no idea of the health effects my brother, sister and I could’ve been suffering from because of the secondhand smoke we were breathing in. Since then, my mom has chosen to smoke outside, but I see her physical appearance showing signs she’s being affected by the cigarettes she uses. A year and a half ago, I attended a Comprehensive Tobacco Control and Prevention Conference. I was given an opportunity to work with a state funded tobacco prevention program and represent my West Texas area. Because I care about my mom and many others in my school and community, I advocate tobacco control and prevention so nobody’s voice goes unheard.

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